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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created a critical Navigator function to help people who get health insurance through their state Exchange learn about their options and assist with enrollment.

Health coverage helps pay costs when you need care! – No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Health coverage helps pay for these costs and protects you from very high expenses.

Health Insurance helps you pay for care! – Did you know the average cost of a 3-day hospital stay is $30,000? Your insurance policy or summary of benefits and coverage will show what types of care, treatments and services are covered.

What is health insurance? – Health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. You buy a plan, and the company agrees to pay part of your medical costs when you get sick or hurt.

What you pay for health insurance? – You’ll usually pay a premium every month for health coverage, and you may also have to meet a deductible once each year before the insurance company starts to pay its share. How much you pay for your premium and deductible is based on the type of coverage you have.

Countdown until the next Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period.


We can help you navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace. Whether you are uninsured, or want to explore your choices, BCBCC has the experts onboard who can help find coverage that’s right for you.

El mercado de Seguros de Salud es una nueva manera de encontrar la cobertura que se ajuste a su presupuesto y satisfaga sus necesidades. Si usted no tiene seguro, o simplement desea explorar sus opciones, el mercado va a ayudar a encontrar una cobertura que sea adecuado para usted.

ACA Navigators are inviduals and/or organizations that that are trained and able to help consumers, small businesses, and their employees as they look for health coverage options through the Marketplace, including completing eligibility and enrollment forms. These individuals and organizations are required to be unbiased. Their services are free to consumers
ACA Certified Application Counselors is an individual (affiliated with a designated organization) who is trained and able to help consumers, small businesses, and their employees as they look for health coverage options through the Marketplace, including helping them complete eligibility and enrollment forms. Their services are free to consumers.

  1. There are many kinds of private health insurance policies. Different kinds of policies can offer very different kinds of benefits, and some can limit which doctors, hospitals, or other providers you can use.
  2. You may have to pay co-insurance or a co-payment as your share of the cost when you get a medical service. Co*insurance is usually a percentage amount. A co-payment is usually a fixed amount.
  3. You may have to pay a deductible each plan year before your insurance company starts to pay for the care you get.
  4. Health insurance plans contract with networks of hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and health care providers to take care of people in the plan.
  5. You may see products that look and sound like health insurance, but don’t give you the same protection as full health insurance.

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