We are dedicated to showcasing Gullah art, celebrating culture, and providing educational/public service programs. Located in the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce multiplex building, representing the history of African Americans in the Lowcountry.

Gullah Art Gallery “CONFINED PERCEPTIONS” Art Expo CONFINED PERCEPTIONS is an exploration of the human form to describe society through Black Americans’ perception

Fluid and Sacred in all movement and stillness, the Black body exudes essence. From strong fists pressed to the air, open hands ready to receive light, hips in dresses that sway, to eyes with deepness, and lips that hold a million stories and songs. In what way could you capture and immortalize the Black body?

The Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce is hosting Black Beaufort, Confined Perceptions Artist Showcase, in conjunction with artist Kevin Hopkins. The purpose of this showcase is to present reflections of human formations, exploring the concept of body language and experiences of societal influences and traditions. This event is also to showcase and celebrate the diversity and richness of local artisans.
This event will take place on December 11, 2020 at The Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce multiplex building. On this day there will be an Opening Reception and an artist talk. All submissions will remain on display for a minimum of 30 days to be viewed and sold to the public, unless otherwise noted.

Through CONFINED PERCEPTIONS, allow yourself to present and explore reflections of human formations, exploring the concept of body language and experiences of societal influences and traditions.

Call for Entry Dates
November 3: Deadline to Submit Work

Call for entry for Black artists in Beaufort and surrounding areas
Submit 1-5 pieces to blackbeaufort2020@gmail.com 
Submissions may be any medium and include the artists’ name and artwork title, size, medium and year
Work should also depict the human body in some form
This is a free event with no participation/entry fee
Not all work accepted on the day of submission is guaranteed to be exhibited

Contact: blackbeaufort2020@gmail.com and/or artgallery@bcbcc.org for more information.

Stop In and Be Amazed!

James Denmark

These prints are One Room, One Book, and Royal Visitor, by James Denmark, a formally trained contemporary artist who is a master at collage. “One Room, One Book” Is a Lowcountry favorite, created for the 50th anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education. 

Johnnie Simmons

These two canvas prints are of unique wood burnings created by Gullah folk artist Johnnie Simmons from St. Helena Island. 

Vernie Singleton

Above is an article about Vernie Singleton. Her ‘Celebrate Gullah Wisdom’ cards are for sale here in the gallery at $15 for a 3pack. 

Henrietta Snypes

Sweetgrass baskets are a time honored Gullah tradition. Weaved with local grasses, ‘fanner’ baskets originally served a purpose in the cultivation of rice and also for everyday practical uses. Currently we have a variety of baskets by Henrietta Snypes, of Mt. Pleasant, SC. 

Patrice Cole

The Gullah dolls featured are handcrafted by artisan Patrice Cole. These lovely dolls are stitched  in batik dresses and traditional African prints. Full of life, some dolls are carrying baskets of cotton or watermelon, with beaded jewelry, classic Gullah hats, and even have lashes! 

Cassandra Gillens

Original pieces by Cassandra Gillens




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