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  • Address: 711 Bladen Street | Beaufort, SC 29902

  • Phone: 843-986-1102

Credit Recovery

December 5, 2017 • 6:00-9:00pm EST


December 5th, 2017 | 6:00 PM


Course Description

In this 3-hour course, we cover methods, practices and the process of repairing negative accounts on your personal credit.

Topics Covered
  • FICO Scores
  • Types of Debt
  • Revolving versus Installment
  • Clearing Collections
  • Negotiating Settlements
  • Fixing Errors
  • The 3 Major Credit Reporting Agencies


NOTE: This course is a part of our HUD Approved Housing Counseling Education program leading to a certification of completion for various US Department of Housing and Urban Development First-Time Home Buyers Programs.